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THE PRODIGY aka KG aka Kung-Fu Girl

Our hero and main character: Her father passed away long ago, during his own struggles to defeat the evil Dragon King. KG was raised by her Sensei, Master Panda. He taught her advanced skills in Kung-Fu, but she’s just a little girl, and although she has huge courage, and a big heart; she struggles to defeat her foes that are much larger than her. Our story shows how she finds the strength to be victorious over her enemies, rescue Prince Po, and restore justice and sovereignty to the kingdom.


Kids around the world will identify with her; they’ll want to be just like her, inspired by her kindness and courage. The guys will fall in love with her; she’s so lovely, yet smart, athletic, and talented in the martial arts. Adults will be captured by her compelling story and love to follow along on her journey, and feel that it is all good fun for their kids to watch.